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Braverman SS
Trap door, removable side rails and tail gate, rub rails, fully skirted, four underbody tool boxes, three steps, and mud flaps
Optional Flooring
Aluminum Truck Beds
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Braverman SRT
Trap door, Headache rack, and tail section
Rumber Flooring- recycled rubber and plastic material
Braverman II
Trap door, Headache rack, and tail section
Extruded Plank Flooring, 1" thick panels.
All truck beds come equipped with LED lighting!
Trap door, Headache rack, and tail section
Tread Plate Floor
Braverman I
Headache rack, tail section, with trough cut out
Optional Flooring
Braverman CT
Headache rack, tail section, trough, arched fenders, and wrap steps
Optional Flooring
Hauler Bed
Call today on a custom truck bed!
Custom Work Beds